2024 Nebraska Juniors Club Season

The coaches and staff at Nebraska Juniors are getting excited for a new club season to start.  As always, we thank each of you for your dedication to Nebraska Juniors and we hope to make 2022 a memorable club season!

Who We Are

  • Nebraska Juniors is a registered non-profit (501c3) organization.
  • We are located in Lincoln, Nebraska with Speedway (315 Speedway Circle) as our home facility for practices and competition.
  • We offer training for all ages from Pre-K through High School.
  • We encourage Nebraska Juniors alumni that are playing in college to train with us during their off-seasons.
  • Our volleyball club will register in both the JVA and USA associations in order to utilize the best of both groups with competition and location.


  • TRAINING: Provide top notch training to prepare players for the next level.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Recognize everyone’s potential and help them succeed in their role.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Be on time, committed, and reliable to the club.
  • MINDSET: Grow. Change is accelerating. Adapt and evolve to the next level.

…while FOSTERING an enthusiasm and a passion for the game.

Items included in your club fees.........


Training - We strongly believe that we offer the best training in the area.  We train 2-3 days a week.  Our practice days are Sundays and Wednesdays, with optional training on Fridays

Tournament entry fees - tournament entry fees are included in your club fees.

Coaches fees- We have some of the most experienced high school and college coaches around.

Hudl - Once again we will use Hudl and Hudl Assist for all high school teams.

SportsRecruits - each high school aged player will have a membership to SportsRecruits.  This, along with our staff, will help interested athletes achieve their goal of playing in college.


What is left for you to pay for? 

Travel - Any travel for you and your athlete to and from tournaments is your responsibility.

Uniforms- For the 2024 season, each member will  order their own jerseys, warm-ups and equipment to help be sure each athlete gets exactly what they need for the season.


Length of Season - 

the typical season looks like this:

  • 12s begin in February and conclude in early May
  • 13s-14s begin in January and conclude in early May
  • 15s-18s begin in January and conclude mid-June


Number of Tournaments - 


Right now our plan looks something like this:

  • 10s & 11s 3 local tournaments tbd
  • 12s: 3 local tournaments, Two 2-day tournaments Sioux Falls (April) and Nebraska AAU Grand Prix(Lincoln April 20-21)
  • 13s-14s: 3 local tournaments, Multi-day tournaments Asics Presidents Day(Omaha Feb 17-19),  March or April Travel tourney TBD,  Nebraska AAU Grand Prix(April 20-21) and JVA Midwest Challenge (Des Moines May 4-5)
  • 15s-18s: 3-5 local tournaments, 2-4 multi day tournaments including JVA and USA Qualifiers.  Some possible locations are :Des Moines, Sioux Falls, Kansas City, Colorado, Minnesota.  AAU National Tournament- Orlando(June)